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School trips and events

Here at The Hythe School we offer a fantastic range of day visits and in-school visitors. These events help to enrich and enhance the children's learning whilst supporting the curriculum subjects.

To enable the trips and visits planned this year to go ahead we completely rely on the goodwill of, and encourage, parents to make a voluntary contribution.  The PTA usually make a large contribution each year towards the overall costs which enables us to keep the price per pupil to a minimum.  We are required, however, to point out that if we do not receive enough contributions towards the costs of these events then the activities will be cancelled. Therefore your support is invaluable in ensuring these can go ahead.

The Hythe School offers a secure, confidential online payment site at www.scopay.com. This is now our preferred method of payment.  You will need an Activation Code for initial set up, please contact the school office or email l.adams@hythe.surrey.sch.uk for details.  Please note that we are now a 'cashless' school.                           

Important information as at 3rd March 2020

Dear Parent and Carers,

 As you are aware, we are following the guidance and advice from Public Health England and monitoring the situation regarding coronavirus very carefully to ensure we, as a school, are minimising the risk of coming into contact with the virus.

 In addition to this, we are following guidance from the OEAP (the lead body for outdoor learning and educational visits guidance, advice and training in England and Wales) and will be reviewing school trips and outings on an individual basis to ensure that we are reducing the risk of coming into contact with the virus. If a trip has been cancelled, we will do our best to rearrange the trip at a later date. We will inform you of any decision to cancel at the earliest possible time. If a trip goes ahead as planned, please be assured that the school will have followed up their procedures regarding coronavirus and that we will have assessed the trip as a very low to no risk category.   

 We are continuing to remind the children about good hygiene practices and value your support in keeping children at home if they are unwell.

 Kind regards

 Mrs A Peart


Volunteer Helpers

To comply with the correct adult to child ratio on school visits we occasionally require extra adult assistance. Please contact Mrs Adams, School Finance Assistant via the School Office if you are able to help and she will advise parents when extra help is needed with any trip.

Any parents / carers who wish to help on a school visit must complete an online DBS application. Please note that DBS applications are processed in the strictest confidence at no cost to our volunteers.

If you are interested in volunteering to help us with any events or trips please click here to see the DBS application guidance.



  • Bocketts Farm Spring term -12th March 2020  attended 
  • The LookOut Discovery Centre - 4th June 2020 - cancelled

Year 1   

  • Black Park Slough - 26th September 2019 - attended 
  • Marwell Zoo Spring term 2 - 16th March 2020  - cancelled due to Co Virus outbreak
  • Perform drama workshop - 22nd April  2020  - cancelled due to Co Virus outbreak

Year 2

  • Dantastic Pirate workshop - 18th September 2019 letter
  • Wisley Gardens - 19th March 2020 - cancelled due to Co Virus outbreak
  • Windsor Castle - 10th June 2020 - cancelled 

Year 3

  • Zoolab Workshop - 4th November 2019 - attended
  • Chertsey museum- 25th and 26th February 2020 - attended
  • Gods and Mortals workshop - 23rd April 2020 - cancelled due to Co Virus outbreak

Year 4

  • Portals to the Past, Saxon workshop - 9th September 2019 - attended
  • Aquarium topic- Natural History Mueum - 28th February 2020  cancelled due to Co Virus outbreak 
  • America workshop - cancelled due to Co Virus outbreak

Year 5

  • Portable Learning Dome - 10th September 2019- attended
  • Egyptian workshop - 15th January 2020 - attended
  • Hampton Court - 03rd June 2020  -  cancelled carried forward to next year.

Year 6

  • Chertsey Museum - 19th September 2019 - attended 
  • Junior Citizen at Thorpe Park- 19th November- attended 
  • Stixx project - 12th November - attended 
  • Mexican music workshop -10th June 2020 - cancelled 


Year 1 pedals course - 24th April  2020  (3 sessions x 15 pupils) -  cancelled due to Co Virus outbreak

Year 4 bikeability level 1 - 20th November 2019 confirmed (15 pupils) - attended

Year 6 bikeability level 2 - 6th -10th July 2020 confirmed(8 pupils) - cancelled


Trip to Vue Cinema for National Film for Schools week 8th, 11th and 13th November - attended


Annual consent form letter



Terms and Conditions for off-site trips and activities:

By signing the consent on the trip/activity letter, you agree to your son/daughter taking part in any or all of the activities described.  You must ensure that your child understands that it is important for his/her safety and for the safety of the group, that all rules and instructions given by the staff are obeyed.  You understand that, while the school, staff, or helpers in charge of the party will take all reasonable care of the young people, unless they are negligent they cannot be held responsible for any loss, damage or injury suffered by your son/daughter arising out of the trip.  You therefore (hereby) agree to indemnify The Hythe School, its employees and agents against all liability for injury, loss to persons including death and damage to property, legal expenses and direct consequential losses or damage due to the acts, or default of your son/daughter unless the illness, injury or death was due to the negligence of The Hythe School, its employees or agents.

You consent to any emergency medical treatment necessary during the course of the visit and must advise the school in writing if any new medical conditions come to light. 

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