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 School Meals

The Hythe has its own school kitchen managed by Surrey Commercial Services. For more information about school meals please click on the following link   www.myschoollunch.co.uk/surrey 

All our meals are freshly cooked on the premises and our pupils are offered:

  • A two course traditional meal
  • A vegetarian option
  • A jacket potato/pasta on selected days of the week

 NB:  If your child is a vegetarian or has special dietary needs then you must complete a diet request form which will be passed to our catering team. click here to download special diet form


  Please see below for the Spring /Summer menu 2020 - please scroll through for the 3 week cycle

Option 4 for Year 5 and 6 only

                        Week 1                         Week 2                                   Week 3

Mon     Jacket with cheese            Jacket with cheese                    Pasta bake

Tues    Pasta Bake                         Pasta bake                                Jacket with tuna

Weds   Jacket with tuna                Fish finger wrap                       Cheesy pasta bake

Thurs   Pizza slice                         Jacket potato with tuna            Fish finger wrap

Fri       Tuna pasta bake                Tuna pasta bake                        Tuna pasta bake



Infants  Currently ALL Reception, Year 1 and Year 2 children are entitled to school meals free of charge known as Universal Free School Meals. 

Juniors (Years 3, 4, 5 & 6) - the cost of a school meal is £2.35 per day which is £11.75 per week.  

 Payment MUST be made in advance.  Our preferred method of payment is online at www.scopay.com.  You will require an activation code. Please contact the school office for details.  Please note we are a cashless school.

 Free school meals / pupil premium

Please click here for Free School Meal Guidance - updated in March 2018




Do I need to complete a free school meal application form even if my child has universal free school meals?

 If your child is entitled to universal free school meals (Reception, year 1 or year 2) and you qualify for benefits (as per criteria) then we would appreciate it if you could complete an application form as this will enable the school to claim pupil premium for your child.  Further information on how funding helps our school  can be found on the Pupil Premium section on our website. 

 School Classroom Edition

In September 2016 we introduced an interactive classroom dinner system whereby pupils can choose their  meals direct on the white boards in their classroom.  This system not only speeds up placing the orders with the kitchen but gives parents control by viewing the meals their child has chosen.

You can check which option your child is having by login to www.scopay.com. Under the dinners heading there is a Calendar feature and History feature.  Click on the calendar to see what your child has chosen each day.  The History features helps keep track of any payments made.

 Each day pupils are given a coloured wrist band  which will correspond to the meal choice for that day i.e. red token = option 1,  green for option 2 and yellow for option 3. blue for medical and purple for Year 5 and 6 additional option 4.   The catering team are then able to easily identify what they have ordered when they collect their meals.

 Packed Lunches

Pupils can bring a packed lunch in.  Please bear in mind that at The Hythe we promote healthy eating.

There are many sources of ideas on packing a healthy lunch, in short the guidance recommends that it should contain :

  • - a starchy food for energy (wholegrain bread, potatoes, pasta, rice, couscous)
  • - a protein food for growth (meat, fish, eggs, cheese, beans, peas)
  • - fruit, vegetables, salad for essential nutrients (fresh or dried fruit, salad items)
  • - a dairy food for calcium (milk, cheese, yogurt, fromage frais)
  • - a drink for hydration (water, milk, fruit juice, smoothie or yogurt drink)

Foods with high salt, sugar or fat content should be minimised where possible (crisps, high fat spreads, cakes and biscuits, chocolate items, white bread).

 Due to nut allergies in the school we cannot allow any products containing nuts. 

Playtime Snacks
Pupils in Reception. Year 1 and Year 2 classes are offered fruit and vegetable snacks at morning playtime free of charge, provided by a local supplier. Playtime snacks include satsumas, apples, pears, carrots, raisins, bananas, tomatoes and strawberries, and there is enough for at least one per child.

We also run a very successful fruit club in the canteen.  This is overseen by selected Year 6 pupils and a member of staff.  Pupils can purchase a healthy snack such as fruit or a smoothie drink.  Prices start from 20 pence.