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 Junior Leadership Team

Our Junior Leadership Team is made up of elected representatives. Two pupils from each year group are voted in by their class members. The elected JLT members meet regularly with Mr Carter to talk through a variety of issues and hot topics that need to be discussed to improve our school.  


Our objectives for the 2021/2022 academic year will be “ Helping and supporting our local community “ 

2021/2022 JLT members : 

Year 1: Darcey & Luca 

Year 2: Ruby & Casper 

Year 3: David & Stanley 

Year 4: Matilda, Yasmin & Skyla 

Year 5: Lyla & Philip 

Year 6: Henry & Nicholas

Harbour Centre: Kenny & Noah 

Our Student Chairperson is: Henry

Our Student Secretary is: Nicholas 




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