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See below for a link to a wonderful film from British Pathe about seven sets of twins at The Hythe in 1954

School History

Gardening class in 1908 at Hythe School, Egham

There has been a school in this site since 1884 initially educating the children of the Hythe in two separate single-sex schools.

In 1969 the schools became a First School and Middle School each with a distinct identity and later, in 1985, amalgamated to become Hythe First and Middle School.

The school changed again in 1993 to become a Primary School for children between the ages of 4+ and 11 years.

In September 1996 the original Victorian Buildings were closed and eventually redeveloped into flats and houses although still retaining their charm.

With the construction of new classrooms and refurbishment of many areas of the school buildings, September 2003 saw the official opening of the newly developed Hythe Community Primary School as we know it today.

We thought you might like to see the photos below taken at the school in 1950.  Do you recognise anyone in the pictures?  If you do please contact us we would love to hear from you!

Look at this amazing film clip on British Pathe's website about the seven sets of twins at The Hythe in 1954 - Click here to view it.  Are you in the film or a relative?  We would love to hear from you!