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School Uniform

School Uniform Direct's nearest shop to The Hythe is in Staines at 23 High Street (next door to Headmasters) selling uniform and school equipment for The Hythe as well as Magna Carta and other local schools.  

NB: Due to the pandemic you must book an appointment online https://www.schooluniformdirect.co.uk/to visit the school shop. Please check their website for the latest offers and discounts

The school colours are red, grey and white.School uniform

The children should wear these colours in all activities in school.

The wearing of school uniform indicates to the world at large the child’s “belonging” to the school and the effort they make in looking smart in their uniform reflects an attitude that permeates their life in school.

Care has been taken to ensure that the clothes are readily available in most chain stores, with sweatshirts, polo shirts, school caps and cardigans bearing the school logo available from School Uniform Direct.

Click here to go to their website for more details about ordering uniform online.  They also have a shop at 23 High Street, Staines.

We regard suitable footwear to be part of our school uniform.  Fashion shoes, especially those with heels, and trainers are not suitable for school use.



Grey skirt or pinafore dress/trousers

White blouse/polo shirt

Red sweatshirt/jumper or cardigan with the school logo (compulsory)     

White or grey socks or tights

Dark shoes

Summer dress in red stripes or checks

Grey trousers/shorts

White shirt/polo shirt

Red sweatshirt/jumper with the school logo (compulsory)      

Grey/black or white socks

Dark shoes

Black shorts

White t-shirt or polo shirt

Black or red tracksuit

Trainers for outdoor games

  • Swimming kit will be required for the summer term, including compulsory swimming hat (included in the price and will be kept in the classroom).
  • Indoor games will be undertaken bare footed or wearing plimsolls in the case of any foot infections.  Children with pierced ears will only be permitted to wear studs, these must be removed for all P.E. and games activities – by parents/children.


Children are not allowed to wear any sort of jewellery in school.  This includes rings, bracelets and necklaces,  The only type of earrings permitted is studs and children should be able to remove these themselves for PE.  Children should only wear a watch if they can tell the time and then they wear it at their own risk.  This is a reasonable request made to ensure the safety of all our children and the security of their belongings.