Hythe Community Primary School

Learning for Life

Thorpe Road, Staines, Middlesex, TW18 3HD



School Vision, Values and Aims



“Learning for Life”

We want our children to achieve their best, to have a desire for learning, to have respect for themselves, each other and the world around them and to have the motivation to challenge themselves, celebrate their success and learn from their mistakes. 

We want to give them the skills to achieve all this throughout their lives.



Our values are at the heart of everything the school does. 


                                 To include all pupils, so that they are able to live

                                 safe, healthy and fulfilling lives.



                     To inspire our learners to explore their talents

                     and achieve their dreams.


      To invest in our future citizens, so they make a

      positive contribution to society.




Our aims are how we achieve our vision. 

  • We provide high quality teaching and learning.
  • Children able to be independent learners and thinkers.
  • The Hythe is a happy, nurturing and caring place to learn.
  • All children are taught at their own pace
  • Everybody has a sense of belonging to our community (children, their families and staff).
  • School inspires a love for learning.
  • Children value themselves and their contributions.
  • Our school is always looking to improve and to find new ways of doing things.
  • All children are challenged.
  • Children are taught to be citizens of the world.
  • School provides a relevant and fun curriculum for all.
  • We all celebrate success - learning is rewarding and rewarded.
  • Children are able to be independent learners and thinkers.