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Reception E Learning

Watch this space for information for Reception pupils starting in September

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Homework grids - March to July 2020

 Year R Week 12 Summer.docxDownload
 Year R week 11 Summer.docxDownload
 Year R Home Learning Week 10 Summer.docxDownload
 Year R Summer Term week 9.docxDownload
 Year R Summer week 8 .docxDownload
 Year R Summer Week 7 .pdfDownload
 Y R Summer Week 6.pdfDownload
 Yr R Summer Week 5.docxDownload
 Yr R Summer Week 3 .docxDownload
 Yr R Summer Week 2 .pdfDownload
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Resources - for March to July 2020 only

 1 Monday handwriting f.pdfDownload
 1 Monday Maths Doubling_Powerpoint.pptxDownload
 1 Monday Maths ladybird-doubles-to-20-activity-sheet.pdfDownload
 1 Monday Phonics phase 4 game.pdfDownload
 1 Monday Topic Frog Life Cycle PowerPoint.pptDownload
 1 Monday Topic Frog-Life-Cycle-Headband.pdfDownload
 2 Tuesday bees-in-the-garden-halving-worksheet.pdfDownload
 2 Tuesday phonics Caveman Word and Picture Match.pdfDownload
 2 Tuesday topic monkey mask.pdfDownload
 3 Wednesday Beegu-By-Alexis-Deacon powerpoint.pptxDownload
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 1 Monday english label parts of a lizard.pdfDownload
 1 Monday English Reptiles power point.pptxDownload
 1 Monday handwriting r.pdfDownload
 1 Monday maths 2d-shape-sorting-activity-sheet.pdfDownload
 1 Monday phonics polysyllabic words.pptDownload
 1 Monday Topic ladybird-life-cycle cut and order.pdfDownload
 1 Monday Topic ladybird-life-cycle-powerpoint including video.pptxDownload
 2 Tuesday phonics I-Can-Read-Phase-4.pdfDownload
 3 Wednesday handwriting h.pdfDownload
 3 Wednesday maths 3d shape adding.docxDownload
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 1 Monday maths Zap it more and less game.pdfDownload
 1 Monday Other Handwriting 'e'.pdfDownload
 1 Monday Topic butterfly-life-cycle-cut-and-stick-activity.pdfDownload
 1 Monday Topic The Cautious Caterpillar Story.exeDownload
 2 Tuesday maths One-More-One-Less-Sweet-Counting-Worksheet.pdfDownload
 2 Tuesday Topic all-about-ramadan-powerpoint for Reception.pptDownload
 2 TuesdayPhonics ur-ow-oi-ear-air-ure-er-sorting-sounds-powerpoint-game.pptxDownload
 3 Wednesday Handwriting 'u'.pdfDownload
 3 Wednesday Phonics polysyllabic words.pptxDownload
 3 Wednesday Topic Mehndi-Henna-Photos.pptDownload
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 1 Monday E safety Smartie-the-Penguin.pptDownload
 1 Monday maths minibeast-hotels-counting-to-20.pdfDownload
 1 Monday maths Number cards to 20.docxDownload
 1 Monday phonics air.pdfDownload
 1 Monday topic Good Manners Songs and Games.pdfDownload
 2 Tuesday english bus colouring.pdfDownload
 2 Tuesday other minibeast-hunt-checklist.pdfDownload
 2 Tuesday phonics er.docxDownload
 2 Tuesday topic Under-The-Sea-Photo-Powerpoint.pptxDownload
 3 Wednesday handwriting c.pdfDownload
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 1 Monday handwriting g.pdfDownload
 1 Monday maths recognising-equal-groups discussion cards.pdfDownload
 1 Monday phonics or-ur-and-ar-circle-that-word.pdfDownload
 1 Monday topic good manners ideas.pdfDownload
 1 Monday topic polite dinosaur.pdfDownload
 2 Tuesday handwriting m..pdfDownload
 2 Tuesday topic Jaspers-Beanstalk-Page-Borders-Half-Lined.pdfDownload
 2 Tuesday topic All about me.pdfDownload
 3 Wednesday handwriting 'd'.pdfDownload
 3 Wednesday phonics ow-and-oi-Sounds-Matching.pdfDownload
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 1 Monday English Plant-Growth-Sequencing.pdfDownload
 1 Monday maths blank tens frame.pdfDownload
 1 Monday other 2d shape search.pdfDownload
 1 Monday phonics oo-long-vowel-sound-phoneme-spotter-story.pdfDownload
 2 Tuesday handwriting p.pdfDownload
 2 Tuesday maths I Spy superheroes.pdfDownload
 2 Tuesday ordering leaves (1).docxDownload
 2 Tuesday ordering leaves.docxDownload
 2 Tuesday phonics find-and-write-the-short-oo-sound.pdfDownload
 2 Tuesday topic Transport-Dot-to-Dot.pdfDownload
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 1_ Monday phonics ai.pdfDownload
 1_ Monday worry jar template.pdfDownload
 2_ Tuesday Handwriting .pdfDownload
 2_ Tuesday missing numbers.pdfDownload
 3_ Wednesday Hansel and Gretel cut out to make a story map.pdfDownload
 3_ Wednesday tricky-words-roll-and-read.pdfDownload
 3_ Wednesday What can you do in 1 minute.pdfDownload
 4_ Thursday Handwriting .pdfDownload
 4_ Thursday number-bonds-to-10.pptxDownload
 5_ Friday fairy tale story dice game.pdfDownload
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 Monday spring-birds-scavenger-hunt.pdfDownload
 Monday find-and-write-the-ow-words.pdfDownload
 Monday mini beast hunt.pdfDownload
 Monday minibeast patterns.pdfDownload
 Monday ideas for acts of kindness.pdfDownload
 Tuesday describe little red riding hood characters.docxDownload
 Tuesday web for problem solving.pdfDownload
 Tuesday oi-Colour-by-Phoneme-Real-and-Nonsense-Words.pdfDownload
 Tuesday party inviation.pdfDownload
 Wednesday spider game.pdfDownload
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 Friday 2D-Shape-Road-Sign-Draw-the-Other-Half-Activity-Sheet.pdfDownload
 Friday Sentence-Writing-Pictures.pdfDownload
 Friday VE day bunting.pdfDownload
 Friday VE-Day-Powerpoint.pptDownload
 Monday 2D Shape Bee Picture Activity Sheets.pdfDownload
 Monday 2D Shape Butterfly Picture Activity Sheets.pdfDownload
 Monday 2D Shape Ladybird Picture Activity Sheets.pdfDownload
 Monday 2D Shape Spider Picture Activity Sheets.pdfDownload
 Thursday phase-3-tricky-words-barrier-game.pdfDownload
 Thursday Solving Problems Halving Home Learning Challenges.pdfDownload
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 Handwriting 5.pdfDownload
 Handwriting 6.pdfDownload
 Handwriting 7.pdfDownload
 Monday spring writing.pdfDownload
 Thursday Bunny basket.docxDownload
 Thursday Time sorting activity- when.pdfDownload
 Time challenges .pdfDownload
 Tuesday addition and subtraction.docxDownload
 Tuesday Easter Bonnet Craft Ideas.docxDownload
 Wednesday and Friday easter phonics.pdfDownload
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 Handwriting 5.pdfDownload
 Handwriting 6.pdfDownload
 Handwriting 7.pdfDownload
 Monday spring writing.pdfDownload
 Thursday Bunny basket.docxDownload
 Thursday Time sorting activity- when.pdfDownload
 Time challenges .pdfDownload
 Tuesday addition and subtraction.docxDownload
 Tuesday Easter Bonnet Craft Ideas.docxDownload
 Wednesday and Friday easter phonics.pdfDownload
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 3d shapes.pdfDownload
 blow football.docxDownload
 Counting and Ordering Numbers to 20.pdfDownload
 dinosaur shopping list.docxDownload
 Easter challenges.pdfDownload
 easter phonics.pdfDownload
 find the total number of objects.pdfDownload
 Finds One More or One Less Than.pdfDownload
 grow a carrot top.docxDownload
 growing up.docxDownload
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