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 NB:  If you are sending pictures please confirm via email that you are giving permission to publish children's photographs and/or artwork on the website, Thank you!

Hi Everyone,

I want to invite you all to get involved with our new online Art Club. Every week I will be posting a new video with some activity ideas, fun and inspiration.  Art is a great way to communicate during this stay at home time and I know how creative you guys are.

I would really love to see your artwork!  I’m hoping you will share some of your pictures, comments and ideas (email photos to j.picton@hythe.surrey.sch.uk, or send artwork to school) and I will display them in my videos, on the website and tweet out the best ones.  There are also some competitions and art collaborations if you are interested in having a go.

Have a look at my video flyer and get involved! Look out for new video’s and art activity newsletters in the E learning section of the website.  I will be running a special club for year 6, and there will be different activities for each age group, but please feel free to have a go at whatever you like.

You won’t need a lot of art materials, we are hoping to use what you have around the house as much as possible – so please start saving junk and cardboard, I seem to have lots at the moment

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Year 6 Art Club- Nikolai Tolstyh

Watch this loom video to join in with Year 6 Art Club.

KS1 Art Club - Spirals in Nature

Watch this loom Video to join in with KS1 Art Club

KS2 Art Club -Colour Wheel Spinners

Watch this  loom  Video    to join in with KS2 Art Club

Join Our Art History Dress Up Challenge!

Try these Yayoi Kusama acivities.............

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