Ofsted Report

Please click here to see the latest OFSTED report for our school dated 2 November 2011.

Please click here for a link to the DfE school performance tables website.


Here are some extracts from the OFSTED Inspection Report for November 2011:-

"Hythe Primary is a good school"

"Pupils' achievement is good.  Children get a good start to school life and make good progress in the Early Years Foundation Stage.  Pupils continue to make good progress across the school so that by the end of Year 6, their attainment is broadly average and improving.  Their progress is the result of teaching of good quality, and a curriculum which pupils find motivating."

In their letter to the children the Inspection team say amongst other things: -

"These are the main things that we found out about your school:

  • Your school is welcoming and helps you to learn well.
  • You enjoy school and your behaviour at school is good.
  • You have good relationships with the adults who take good care of you.
  • You feel safe in school and have a good understanding of healthy lifestyles.
  • You make good contributions within your school and in the local area.
  • The teaching and curriculum in your school are good."