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 Junior Leadership Team

Our Junior Leadership Team  is made up of elected representatives. Two pupils from each year group are voted in by their class members. The elected JLT members meet regularly with Mr Carter to talk through a variety of issues and hot topics that need to be discussed to improve our school.  

Below are the names of our new JLT members for 2019- 2020.

Year 1: Nicole & Ryan

Year 2: Tyler & William

Year 3: Samuel & Gracie

Year 4: Zoe & Lina

Year 5: Niamh & Kieron 

Year 6: Summer & Mpilo

Harbour Centre: Hayden

Our Student Chairperson of the JLT is : Summer - Year 6

Here are details of recent JLT meetings:

 Autumn Term 2019

17th September - This was our first meeting of our newly elected members of the JLT.  We all introduced ourselves and discussed what the role of the JLT was within our school.   Mr Carter explained how the JLT meetings would be carried out.  We were then able to put on our new JLT badges and wear them with pride. We then got straight to work and came up with over 25 topics that need to be covered throughout the year. Our first project - Children in Need

24th September - Another busy meeting.  We had to decide as a group how we wanted to raise money for this worthwhile charity.  There were lots of great ideas but after a vote, it was decided that we would hold a 'spotty' cake sale.  The decision was made to hold the cake sale during a playtime. We are still working on a convenient date to ensure all members of the JLT are able to participate. 

We talked about how to let the rest of the school know about this and decided that we would make some posters.  Our JLT members are busy designing posters for this amazing cause. 

 15th October - We have received some mail from BBC Children in Need with some amazing resources to help with our 'spotty' cake sale. During today's meeting the date of the cake sale was agreed. Monday 18th November during KS1 & KS2 playtime. Please check your emails on Friday 15th November as we will be kindly asking for cake donations to add to our cake sale. Each cake will be 50p and every penny will be sent to BBC Children in Need.

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