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At The Hythe Community Primary School our aim is to develop all pupils educationally, emotionally, morally and physically. As well as caring for their education we also care for their mental health and well-being and feel that it is essential to provide children with information to enable them to make life long, well informed decisions about their diet and health.

The Hythe Community Primary School recognises that children and families may need support at different times throughout their journey with us.

What we do at The Hythe Community Primary School to support children’s emotional well-being and mental health.

The Hythe Community Primary  School is committed to creating a happy, caring and supportive environment. The school ensures there is a positive, supportive and inclusive ethos where children can thrive and achieve their personal best.

Our well-being lead, Mrs McKee, who is also a member of the Senior Leadership Team, meets with children and their families regularly to promote emotional health and well-being.  

Mrs McKee can be contacted on - k.mckee@hythe.surrey.sch.uk

Please click on this link - Worry Box form, if your child has any worries. This will go directly to the Well-Being team and someone will get in contact as soon as possible.

Meet the well-being team

Mrs McKee- Child Protection, Well-Being Lead, Mental Health First Aid

Mrs Ahmed- PSHE, Healthy Schools, Behaviour

Miss Messam - PSHE 

Mr Carter- ELSA, Transition, Mental Health First Aid

Mr Roots- Sports Coach

Miss Camp - PE Lead