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Early Years Foundation Stage (Reception)

In Reception we follow the 'Letters & Sounds' scheme as outlined by the government for phonics. Phonics sounds and Jolly Phonics actions will be sent home with children weekly.

For reading in Reception we allow the a few weeks to get to know the children and ensure and plan activities to ensure children can talk about books in the first instance. Guided Reading is started before individual reading books are given out. Guided Reading teaches the basic conventions of a book e.g. front cover, back cover. When ready,the majority of children start with Lilac books (picture books). Children may be on reading books following the phonics baseline. As they become confident blending, children are given word books. Starting with Jelly & Bean books which use phrases as opposed to sentence. Following this, children will then receive pink phonics books from a range of reading schemes including Oxford Reading Tree, Rigby Star and Collins Big Cat. By this point children will have learnt sounds or will know them. As the children's reading confidence builds, the books will begin to incorporate tricky words as well working towards the introduction of digraphs.  Books are progressive within bands using a lettering system and teacher judgement is used to ensure book choice are highly individualised.

Key Stage 1 (KS1)

In phonics we follow the 'Letters & Sounds' scheme as outlined by the government. Our spelling scheme is 'No Nonsense Spelling', click here to find out more. From Year 2 spellings will be sent home weekly but we do not do formal spelling tests.

In Key Stage 1 we follow the National Curriculum 2014.  Our reading scheme is colour banded and progressive so that children move up according to their reading level, regardless of their age. We use a range of reading book schemes including Oxford Reading Tree, Rigby Star and Collins Big Cat. We use PM Benchmarking to check children's reading comprehension before they move book band. Guided Reading takes place weekly and during these sessions children often the read the reading band above their individual reader to provide an opportunity to explore more challenging texts alongside an adult.

Key Stage 2 (KS2)

In Key Stage 2 we follow the National Curriculum 2014. In phonics we follow the 'Letters & Sounds' scheme. The spelling focus for each year group is supported by age appropriate spelling using the scheme 'No Nonsense Spelling', click here to find out more. Spelling words will continue to be sent home weekly. Children who did not pass the phonics screening in Keystage 1 will join a specialist intervention group in Year 3.

In Keystage 2 children continue to read banded books until they move on to free reader texts. All classrooms have a selection of carefully selected free reader texts to ensure children have access to age appropriate, exciting and challenging books. Guided Reading is linked to English and cross curricular topics, sometimes this may be to rehearse new genres and other times it may be revisions of genres that have already been taught.