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Year 4 Robins    &    Year 4 Wrens




Miss L Williams

Class Teacher

Email: l.williams@hythe.surrey.sch.uk

Miss H Bhogal

Class Teacher

Email: h.bhogal@hythe.surrey.sch.uk


Learning Support

Miss Callaghan

Mrs Finn

Learning Support




At The Hythe School, we follow the White Rose schemes of learning for maths. Below are the topics covered in Year 4 across the year




            Please make sure you are reading at home every day and that you are asking questions about what the children have read to develop their understanding.

If you are stuck for questions you can print these cards off from Sparklebox and pick a different one each time.

How to support your child in reading 

Please click here for an overview of all the learning objectives we will cover throughout year 4


We are now using the Oddizzi website for our Geography learning. Click on the icon to access the website. 

Year 4's login details are:

Username: hyther  Password: robins 


Here are some extra activities to develop your child's learning:


Practice ordering negative numbers - Mission 2110 Roboidz

Practice adding decimal numbers - Decimal Basketball

Choose the correct homophone - Homophone Game

Can you apply the correct plural rule? - Plural Fishing

How many words can you make? - Whomp

Use the greater than and less than signs - Compare Numbers

Practice using apostrophes in contracted words - Concentration

Can you complete these magic squares? - Magic Squares


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