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Breaking News - Our Children in Need spotty cake sale raised an amazing £90.

Well done to all the JLT members for their hard work and amazing selling skills.  

 Junior Leadership Team

Our Junior Leadership Team  is made up of elected representatives.  Two pupils from each year group are voted in by their class members. The elected JLT members meet regularly with Mr Carter to talk through a variety of issues and hot topics that need to be discussed to improve our school.  

Below are the names of our new JLT members for 2018- 2019.

Year 1 Rabbits: Bertie & Aya

Year 1 Squirrels: Joey & Bailey-Rae

Year 2 Hedgehogs: Shash & Chloe

Year 2 Badgers: Joshua & Imogen

Year 3 Butterflies: Victor & Annabelle

Year 3 Dragonflies: Harry & Annie

Year 4 Robins: Joe & Charlie

Year 4  Wrens: Oscar & Serenity

Year 5 Otters: Eddie & Amelia

Year 6 Owls: Rico & Lily

Harbour Centre: Amber & Will 

In the autumn term the whole school took part in Democracy Week coinciding with UK Parliament Week 2018 and Kerrie Carpenter from Parliament Outreach delivered fun, interesting and educational workshops to the children about how parliament works.

The Junior Leadership Team now want to invite parents to a free workshop on 1 May 2019 at 9am to help everyone understand how parliament works and how to get your voice heard.  Here are the invitations they designed.


Here are details of recent JLT meetings:

Spring Term 2018

9th January  - A new year and a busy start for the JLT.  At this meeting we had the important job of deciding how our new playground equipment would be used.  We talked about making sure that everyone got a chance to use it and that it was used safely. Lots of ideas were thought of and we decided on a rota for lunchtimes.   

The JLT are going to get the privilege of being the first members of the school to use the new equipment once the installation has been finished.  We are all very excited about it! 

27th February - We discussed the house team rewards and the different options that we may give to the winning teams. 

We also discussed the local issue of lots of dog poo on the local streets.  We are going to create posters and get in touch with someone from the local council to ask for permission to put them up in the local area to try and improve this. 

6th March -  We decided that we need some rules for the Trim Trail so that we can all use is safely. We came up with a few rules and are going to discuss these with our classes to make sure we have not forgotten anything.  We have begun thinking about a Games Group for the JLT to lead to encourage good games to be played on the playground.  Watch this space for further news on this later in the term.

13th March - Today we went on 'Playground Patrol' to look at the playground to make sure that it was safe for everyone to use.  We made a list of any thing that needed fixing and we will meet with Mr Spark and Mrs Hines to discuss these. 

Autumn Term 2017 

18th September - This was our first meeting of our newly elected members of the JLT.  We all introduced ourselves and discussed what the role of the JLT was within our school.   Mrs Chandler explained how the JLT meetings would be carried out. 

2nd October -  There was a lot of excitement at the meeting this week - our new JLT badges arrived and now all the JLT members are wearing them with pride.  This means that they can all be identified as they go around school and set a good example to the rest of the pupils. 

7th November - Another busy meeting.  Mrs Chandler introduced the idea of raising money for Children in Need.  We discussed as a group how we wanted to raise money for this worthwhile charity.  There were lots of great ideas but after a vote, it was decided that we would hold a 'spotty' cake sale.  The decision was made to hold the cake sale at morning playtime on Friday 24th November. We talked about how to let the rest of the school know about this and decided that we would make some posters.   

17th November   - All the members of the JLT stood up in assembly today and explained to the whole school about the 'Spotty' cake sale next week.  There was lots of excitement from the rest of the school.

24th November  - This was the big day.  Our 'Spotty' Cake Sale for Children in Need.  With some help from the Harbour Centre, we decorated and 'spotified' lots and lots of cakes and biscuits.  At playtime, we all helped to sell the cakes and biscuits.  It was very busy but we all worked together and everyone got the cakes and biscuits that they wanted.  



Macy in Year 6 also put forward the idea of Leavers Hoodies for the Year 6.  The Year 6 JLT members will meeti with Mrs Adams to discuss this further. 


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