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Home School Link Worker

Our Home School Link Worker works across all schools in the North Runnymede Learning Partnership including The Hythe. 

Their overall aim is to ensure that all children are happy, secure and enjoy school. Whilst you as their Parent/Carer feel supported and included.

 What can the Home School Link Worker do?

  • Offer support in school
  • Meet with Parents, Carers and families in the home and community
  • Give one to one support and advice
  • Signpost to other agencies
  • Connect families with adult and family learning opportunities

 Who can the Home School Link Worker help?

  • Families in need of general advice and guidance
  • Families facing any issue or difficulty no matter how small where some support and advice is needed for example a housing or financial matter.
  • Parents/Carers experiencing   difficulties in managing their child’s behaviour
  • Parents/Carers whose children are not attending school or who have been excluded
  • Parents/Carers and children who are reacting to change, such as parental separation or bereavement
  • Parents/Carers interested in some adult learning opportunities

How can you contact the Home School Link Worker?

Families can get in touch by using one of the Home School Link Worker leaflets – please ask at your School Reception about these.  Or please speak to a member of staff about being referred for some support. The Home School Link Worker can meet you and discuss any concerns or questions in a one-to-one confidential setting where possible. They can also assist you in making links to other services or agencies that may be able help you and your family.  You can also email to hslw.nrlp@gmail.com .