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 Welcome to Year 5

Otter class


Mr Charles Brain

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Mrs Sam Challenor




Mrs Lynn Lee

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Mr Jordan Carter

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Autumn Term 

This term's topics are "Earth and space" and "Famous Astronauts study" so we will be looking at a variety of subjects based around the solar system and also looking at the Space Race and all of the key moments in space travel in the last 60 years, including thinking about the future of space travel

We have The Learning Dome coming to see us on 1st November to talk to us about planets. 

We also have Mr Walker from the Wider Opportunities program coming in to teach the children to play guitar

Mr Walker has recommended that all children log onto Kids Guitar Zone, which has lots of free lessons so they can practice at home even without a guitar! Here is the link http://www.kidsguitarzone.com/ 

We are focusing on maths mastery this year, see here for more information: https://www.ncetm.org.uk/public/files/23305628/Mastery_Assessment_Y5_High_Res.pdf 

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Spring Term  

This term's topic is "Early Islamic civilization" where we will be looking at ancient civilizations in Islamic countries and how their society used to function. This will be a really exciting opportunity for art as there is some beautiful artwork from this time period and the children will be creating a piece of art linked to the topic


We are going to the British Museum on 1st March 2017 for an exciting workshop about ancient Islamic civilization

Our Fab Finish for Early Islamic Civilisation will be on the 10th March 2017 at 2:45pm which you are of course all invited to.

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Year 5 Curriculum Grid

 Spellings to practice at home 

Summer Term

This term's topic is the Mayans and Mexican history. We will be exploring the Mayan culture and how they lived. This will include a computing focus on research and presentation based around researching Mayan civilization

Swimming has now commenced - Year 5's session is on a Monday. 

Maths is fun

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This year we are learning about Growth Mindset. The main focus of Growth Mindset is to say "I will keep trying as mistakes are a part of learning"