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Welcome to Year 1!

          Rabbits                                                      Squirrels


Miss Bhogal

Class Teacher - Rabbits

Email: daysheen.bhogal@hythe.surrey.sch.uk

Miss Dockerill

Class Teacher - Squirrels

Email: laura.dockerill@hythe.surrey.sch.uk


Mrs Bonny

 Rabbits Learning Support 

Mrs Burchell

Squirrels Learning Support 



 Mrs Maycock

Rabbits Learning Support




Miss Gonzalez

 Learning Support for both year 1 classes.

 Summer Term!                                  

This term PE days have changed to Monday (swimming)  and Friday.


Year 1 Curriculum grid Summer 2018.pdf

Internet Safety.pdf


Reading Comprehension Support



Please find the links below for the parent newsletters. Every week a new link will be added for the week.

 SU1, WK1.pdf

SU1, WK2.pdf

Su 1, Wk 3.pdf

Su 1, Wk 4.pdf

SU1, WK5.pdf

Su 1, Wk 6.pdf

Su 2, Wk 1.pdf

Su 2, Wk 2.pdf

Su 2, Wk 3.pdf

Su 2, Wk 4.pdf

Click here to practice your phonics

All Year 1 students will be taking part in the Phonics Screening Test in June 2018.  During Year 1,  you are encouraged to support your child in phonics so they can be successful in the test. The above link is of the website the school uses in phonics classes to support students. Please use the website at home to deepen your child's learning,  we also encourage that your child reads regularly to strengthen their phonics.

Please watch the video below to support your child with reading.

 Use  Spellodrome to practice your spellings. Can you win enough points to get a certificate?