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Breaking News - Our Children in Need spotty cake sale raised an amazing £90.

Well done to all the JLT members for their hard work and amazing selling skills.  

 Junior Leadership Team

Our Junior Leadership Team (formerly School Council) is made up of elected representatives - two from from every class - who will meet regularly with Mrs Chandler to talk through everyone's ideas and suggestions about our school.

Elections took place last week and new members of the JLT were elected for each class.

I am pleased to announce that the following children have been elected to represent their classes for the forthcoming year:

Year 1 Rabbits: Leonardo and Lillie

Year 1 Squirrels: Joshua and Maddie

Year 2 Hedgehogs: Henry and Serenity

Year 2 Badgers: Jack and Krisha

Year 3 Butterflies: Lily and Hayden

Year 4 Robins: William and Taarunya

Year 5 Otters: Alex and Connor

Year 6 Owls: Ben and Martha

Harbour Centre: Ajay and Katherine

Congratulations to all the new JLT members.


Here are details of recent JLT meetings:

Meeting 1: Monday 19th September.

 This was the first meeting of the newly elected Junior Leadership Team.  As we are an expanding team we spent this meeting getting to know each other.  Mrs Torley, Chair of Governors and JLT, joined us for this first meeting.  We all introduced ourselves and we each told the rest of  the team something about us.  We have a wide range of interests in the new members of the JLT.  They were all keen to know when they would be receiving their new JLT badges and we discussed any particular wishes for colour and style.

We are going to have a board in the canteen dedicated to the JLT.  We all went to look at the board so keep watching it to find out more about our new JLT members and what we are going to be up to this term.

Watch this space for news of the badges!

Meeting 2: Monday 3rd October

This was our first meeting as fully elected members of the JLT.  The badges were given out and all the members are now wearing them with pride.  We took this opportunity to take photos of all of our members.  These, along with some information about each of us, are now on our new JLT board in the canteen. 

Our first important decision to share with the rest of the school is that we need their help in an important action for the school.  We discussed our new values and what they are. We talked about 'Include' and 'Inspire' and what they mean to us.

We have been asked to feedback to our classes and hold a vote within each class as to what our 3rd value should be. 

Watch this space to find out the results. 

Meeting 3: Monday 10th October

 The results are in from all the classes as to the value that the children think  is best for our school.  We will let everyone know the result at a later date and will be working closely as a team to share all our values with the whole school. 

We also discussed some suggestions for our 'Great to be Gold' reward box.  The rewards are running low and Mrs Chandler wanted some new ideas of things to put into the box.  Everyone suggested great ideas ranging from stationery to ipad time. 

Meeting 4: Monday 7th November

 This was a busy meeting.  The JLT class folders were distributed to each class.  We all went through the contents and how we use them.  

As next week is Children in Need we discussed different ideas for raising money for this worthwhile charity.  Lots of great suggestions were made.  We voted and have decided to hold a 'spotty' cake and biscuit sale after school on Friday 18th.  We will meet next Monday to get creative ad make some posters to advertise the event.  

Tuesday 8th November:

 We were called to a meeting with Mr Sales today.  We spent some time discussing the new values of the school.  Our new value, voted for by the pupils in school, is....................'Invest'.  Year 5&6 have been asked to speak to the Governors tomorrow morning about these values.  Good luck team!

Wednesday 9th November:

 Wow!  The Governors and Mr Sales were very impressed with our Year 5&6 JLT members.  They stood up and shared their thoughts and ideas about what the values mean to our school.  We will now work closely as a team to think about how to fully embed these values throughout the school.  Well done team.

Monday 14th November:

  This was a very artistic meeting with all the members helping to create posters for around the school advertising our Children in Need spotty cake sale. Each class was then given a poster and shared the information on it with their classes.  Martha and Ben also made sure that Ladybirds and Caterpillars knew all about it too.

Friday 18th November:  Children in Need Cake Sale

 Wow, what an amazing cake sale.  All of the JLT had lots of fun helping to decorate some rather boring cakes and turning them into spotty cakes that Pudsey would have been proud of.  The way that all the JLT helped each other during the cake sale was amazing to see.  I was able to take a step back and let them get on with it themselves.  They all worked really hard and we only had a handful of cakes left at the end.  Great team work everyone and an amazing total.  We even made it onto the new Twitter page that the school now has!

Watch this space for some pictures of the event. 

Next meeting: Monday 28th November

 planned items on the agenda:  playground zones.


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