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 Please check here often to see who the latest winner is.  We are proud of the children and their commitment to being in school. 


Celebrating Attendance  - Every School Day Matters

Meet our attendance mascot :






Attendance Bee will be busy reminding everyone that every second of every Hythe School day counts

and that regular attendance and good time-keeping are very important.  

We have an attendance target of TBC% for this academic year and need everyone's support to achieve or even exceed this!


The winners for this week are:



We award certificates and stickers to the children and the classes with the best attendance on a regular basis. 


            This table shows how the classes are doing so far this half term: 

Week Winning Class Percentage
1 - 4th to 7th September Year 1 Rabbits 97.1%
2 - 10th to 14th September  Reception Caterpillars 100%
3 - 17th to 21st September Year 4 Wrens 99.6%
4 - 1st to 5th October 
5 - 8th to 12th October 
6 - 15th to 19th October 


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